Friday, March 7, 2014

Threads In Time by Pallas: Picker Sisters I -10 Home Store - Gone

After much searching I found the answer. There was a reference to what happened on another blog. A message was written on the Picker Sisters Facebook page
"NOTE FROM ADMIN!!!: Lots of you have asked about the return of Picker Sisters, and we appreciate your loyalty. 
We have also received questions about the store location.
To answer the first question, both Tanya and Tracy are pursuing their goals and working on independent projects. As of now, we know of no plans to resurrect the show.
To answer the second question, the store was a pop-up store andall of the items have been sold so it is no longer in existence.
Since we will only be contributing from time to time, we would like to turn this fan page into a place where our loyal fans can showcase their projects. Please feel free to post pictures and descriptions of items you have obtained and/or re-purposed. Also feel free to post questions about picking so that others may respond. We will be monitoring the page and will remove any inappropriate material.
Thanks again for your loyalty to the show and good luck with all of your picking projects!"

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Etsy Apps and Widgets part 1

All of us Etsians that have poked around the app gallery know there are a ton to choose from and knowing what to use without going over board and choosing them all might be intimidating at first. Note all links are found below for any of the mention apps and widgets.
What I want to share are some of the fun and easy to use ones I have found and or use myself.

To be honest I've only started using them seriously. I was already using a couple but never really paid much attention to them. Which could be bad for your Etsy shop depending on which ones you are using.

For starters if you look to the left on this blog you can see that I have been using a widget by the lovely people over at Craft Cult. It instantly shows the listed items in your Etsy shop. Viewers can choose a slide show or scroll manually. Looks lovely now doesn't it?
It is fairly simple to upload just insert you shops name, the one shown in the url and not the one you may call it. ;) Then all you have to do is decide were you would like it to be on your blog.


Is one called PicClick. Not really an app if you ask me but whatever it still fun to use as a personal tool rather than a shop specific tool.
PicClick is sort of like Pinterest were you have a ton of fun images thrown at you all at once. But in PicClick's case it is meant for shopping. In general it makes finding Etsy items much easier.


This is an app called Etsy-fu. This app is great for those who have twitter account. Just sign up, add your shop name, and then your twitter account. All following the simple instructions. Then after all that it will prompt you to choose the amount of time your would like it to auto post your listing onto twitter! Super great!

Hope the info given was of use and as stated the needed links are just below. P.S. would have loved to have added pics or quick links. But I am having issues with blogger. Please take the time to look through all of the apps and see is they are truely right for you and your Etsy shop. Regards and Happy Saturday!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Making updates to the blog

Hi, if you've been by at all today, you will see I've been working on some updaes here. I hope you will like them when I am complete..whenever that may be. But bare with me. I am also planning on posting more often. So come by often!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Been poking around Pinterest alot lately and I came accross this great site! Craftgawkers, it's similar to Pinterest but only focuses on crafts. So you're not getting stuff that seems like spam floating through the image feed.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hope all is well with everyone. If you are in my part of the country you may be putting up with some aweful Fall rain. But never fear it just puts me in the Halloween mood. Though finding a good movie onf the satalite to watch has been a bit of a problem. Seriously how many times do they have to show Hocus Pocus and Gremlins? The latter of which still gives me the creeps when I saw it when I was little.

Anyhoo. Decorte have fun and eat lots of candy :)

Oh on a side note my home internet isn't working and also since the blogger updates blogger hasn't loaded on the dial-up connection anyway. So when I am at the library I will try and post something worthwhile.

Regards- The Vintage Daisy

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jewelry in the works!

Something I've wanted to do for a long time now is make jewelry. Well recently I've been doing just that at these are a few of my pieces.

The brown neclace with matchiang earings was made with pieces from various sources. For instance he wooden beads and gold chain are from a couple necklaces I bought at a consignments store and then took apart.

I had a bit of fun of making these. As some of the beads came from decorative trim that I took apart.

These are just a bit of a preview of what I will be selling in the Fall when I open my etsy shop again. As of now I will be selling the pieces that I have at the local Farmers Market.

Happy Creating everyone!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What does Earth Day mean to you?

Whether it's doing little things like composting or recycling it still makes a difference in the long run and you will feel all the better for it. Being Earth conscious for many has become a way of life in recent years. More people are recycling, composting and buying greener products. The little bit we each do makes literally a world of difference. What are some or your favorite Earth conscious things to do? For me I really like rescuing things from the trash whether it be old furniture or saving tin cans and taco liners for when I paint. As for the outdoors I have a few projects in mind using old tree branches. Also I’ve tried my hand at composting. Though getting a good batch of soil out of a mixture is the hard part. However I do live on a farm and there is a pile of manure that has turned into fantastic compote material over the years. So my garden will be very happy this year
Also here is a great site to help you locate local farmers markets. You can even do a bit of shopping for Earth friendly products........