Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trip to Japan and some other things

First off I appologize for this being such a slow blog. But I've been devoting my time to other things and didn't plan on it taking so long to get anything worth reading up But it's goingto be a while longer still.

I'm heading to Japan this week with two of my siblings and friend to visit our brother. Who moved their a year ago and invited us all to come. Will be at my sister's in LA for a couple of days before we head off the the land of the rising sun.
I'm very excited and yet not looking forward to the long flight. I havebn't been sleepingwell this past week and that certainly won't help. Besides that I've never flown over seas. So we'll see how that goes as well lol.
So whenever I have time after I get back and figure out how to post pictures in something of a gallery format I'll post many pictures from our hopefully to a wonderful trip :) PS. bringing the mini usb cam ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New blog new day :)

I hope you like my blog I know it's kind of barren but I've been fussing too much with the look amoung other things. :/
But hopefully I will have some pics up soon. Been trying to figure out how to add them but I think I've got it now ;)

Things to look forward too? Photo's of my flowers, farm photos and maybe a few pics of my adorable rabbits :) Down the road I'll post pics of crafts and stuff.